The Darkest CORE

Netherdei Book 2 release update.

The Count of Monte Cristo waited a long time for his revenge and I feel that my readers have been just as patient with the follow-up to The Shadow Sect – Netherdei #1.

Last year was very tough for me personally. Serious illness in my family – and other things – meant that I couldn’t write (in fact I couldn’t open my laptop for a while).

My deadline for submission passed, leaving me feeling even worse, although my publisher, Portal Books, were extremely supportive and understanding – which I am so grateful for.

What I can say now and what I take from this whole experience, is that I’ve poured so much of what I felt during those numbing, stagnant months, into The Darkest Core – Netherdei #2.

Last night, I submitted my draft for editing. I had a Japanese whisky (no ‘e’ in theirs) and sat down, reflecting for at least five minutes on my achievement.

Then, I did the typical writer-thing of wondering how the hell I could better The Darkest Core and surpass it in the as-yet completely unwritten Netherdei #3. That’s crazy, right?

Writers do this. They beat themselves up and don’t allow more than five minutes to celebrate what is a real success. Even if I missed the bloody deadline by a mile.

This is why I wanted to post today, after so long. To thank you all for supporting my writing journey. For messaging. Sending memes of your favourite characters and moments. For giving me a nudge.

The Darkest Core has been a labour of love, as well as a personal struggle. It has dialogue and prose that I’m most proud of, out of all of my work – and I’ve improved as a writer, just as my MC, Falken Calder is progressing immensely as a Cultivator.

You’ll never please everyone. You’ll find a critic almost everywhere. But, as my puerile mate, Warmund Tripp would say, ‘Fuck it.’

I just submitted a book that makes me proud.

I hope you love it.

2 thoughts on “The Darkest CORE

  1. Really excited for this! You finally got it out, soon it’ll be time for you to sit back and relish in the fruits of your labor. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy to read


  2. Life throws curve balls and it’s so important to take care of yourself before you can help others. Thank you for keeping us up to date and I’m excited to read part 2! Celebrate this big win and start writing tomorrow. đŸ™‚ Or today if today is your tomorrow.

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