The Darkest CORE

Netherdei Book 2 release update.

The Count of Monte Cristo waited a long time for his revenge and I feel that my readers have been just as patient with the follow-up to The Shadow Sect – Netherdei #1.

Last year was very tough for me personally. Serious illness in my family – and other things – meant that I couldn’t write (in fact I couldn’t open my laptop for a while).

My deadline for submission passed, leaving me feeling even worse, although my publisher, Portal Books, were extremely supportive and understanding – which I am so grateful for.

What I can say now and what I take from this whole experience, is that I’ve poured so much of what I felt during those numbing, stagnant months, into The Darkest Core – Netherdei #2.

Last night, I submitted my draft for editing. I had a Japanese whisky (no ‘e’ in theirs) and sat down, reflecting for at least five minutes on my achievement.

Then, I did the typical writer-thing of wondering how the hell I could better The Darkest Core and surpass it in the as-yet completely unwritten Netherdei #3. That’s crazy, right?

Writers do this. They beat themselves up and don’t allow more than five minutes to celebrate what is a real success. Even if I missed the bloody deadline by a mile.

This is why I wanted to post today, after so long. To thank you all for supporting my writing journey. For messaging. Sending memes of your favourite characters and moments. For giving me a nudge.

The Darkest Core has been a labour of love, as well as a personal struggle. It has dialogue and prose that I’m most proud of, out of all of my work – and I’ve improved as a writer, just as my MC, Falken Calder is progressing immensely as a Cultivator.

You’ll never please everyone. You’ll find a critic almost everywhere. But, as my puerile mate, Warmund Tripp would say, ‘Fuck it.’

I just submitted a book that makes me proud.

I hope you love it.