The Shadow Sect – Netherdei Book One, my Western Cultivation / Epic Progression Fantasy debut is available on audio, narrated by the brilliant Joe Jameson (of Prince of Thornes, Warhammer: Priests of Mars & Guillermo del Toro’s Trollhunters fame).

Thanks to you all, The Shadow Sect launched so well as a #1 Intl Amazon bestseller in 13 categories, including Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror, Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Myth & Legend Fantasy and Asian Myth.

This audio version reached #3 globally on Audible (all categories/genres) and #13 in US Amazon (all books/genres).

I like to describe The Shadow Sect as ‘The Witcher meets Wuxia’ and it follows one servant boy who starts his life as little more than a slave, to becoming a warrior and cultivator.  It builds to set up (at least) a trilogy, has epic battles, power progression and is set in a world full of monsters and darkness.

You can hear a sample on Amazon of Joe performing an excerpt of chapter 1 (a prologue of when Falken is a small boy). This really demonstrates Joe’s skill as a performer, switching from the wagoner to (in that scene) a four year old boy, seamlessly.

Joe contacted me at the start of the project and asked me how some of the characters sounded. He’d already prepared and made notes and had his own ideas on how they should be portrayed and even how the bard’s songs should be sung in the inns!

Today is the first day that I get to listen to the audio myself and I can’t wait to see what Joe has done to bring this story to life!

Here’s the link to the audio if you want to dive straight in:





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