sanity Versus positively insane stuff & Audio.

I’ve been a bit of a hermit. I’ve struggled the past couple of months, for personal reasons I’m not ready to go into – and I’ve just tried to keep myself afloat, just enough to be a good dad and pay the bills.

It’s meant that my writing has suffered. I’ve not had the headspace or capacity to crack on with Netherdei 2 as much as I’d have liked – but as someone dear to me would say (annoyingly) ‘It is, what it is’. I hate that saying, by the way.

It’s been a huge lift for me to see that The Shadow Sect was selected by Audible as a Deal of the Day, which has seen it leap back up the charts to #3 in Audible globally and #13 in US Amazon (all genres).

I’m going to bed now and don’t expect it to climb further, but this is a wonderful, unexpected piece of insanity that is most welcome – and perfectly timed. It really is!

I’ve just seen the audio fly to being US Amazon Best-Seller for Science Fiction & Fantasy (and the sub-genres; Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Epic Fantasy) and Horror.

If that isn’t a wake-up call, I don’t know what is!

I’ve booked a writing retreat. I’d better get myself into gear for Netherdei #2!!

Huge thanks once again, to Joe Jameson, who narrated The Shadow Sect and deserves recognition for his great performance. The Ol’ Mumblecrust is still my favourite!

5 thoughts on “sanity Versus positively insane stuff & Audio.

  1. I’m not one for zombies…but you’ve got me! I hope you’re getting that mental break you need and I look forward to listening to the next Netherdi Book!


  2. Hope things get better for you and that you find a welcome retreat in your writing rather than feeling like it’s something you just need to get done! Netherdei 1 was fantastic work, especially for an up and coming author. This is coming from someone who usually doesn’t enjoy amateur work, I’m pretty critical about most stuff I read. Don’t lose your drive! I’m rooting for you


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